Gardening is not just for your mom! It can be fun, and it’s always so, so rewarding. Unless all your plants die. Then it’s a bit of a downer. But it’s all about the process of learning how to plant your plants and take care of your plants and then you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour in the form of a beautiful, colourful paradise in your own yard! Sure, it’s a lot of work at first, gettin’ down and dirty with all that soil in the hot sun, but in the end, it’s totally worth it having a beautiful garden next to that work you’ve had done by paving service Hamilton ON.

I think that things we enjoy most are things that we’ve earned, things that we’ve nurtured, things that we’ve created. And a garden is all of those things! Sure, you didn’t create the bulbs themselves, but it’s pretty impossible for you to do that, so don’t beat yourself up about it too much. But you choose the bulbs or the seeds or the little plants, depending on what kind of garden you’re going for, and you decide where they go. You get down on your knees and you place these little bits of potential in the soil, making sure to put them in the perfect depth, and the prefect distance apart.

You decide what will grow where, what colours everything will be, whether they’ll produce fruits or veggies or just be there so that you can enjoy their beautiful flowers. OR maybe a little bit of both! Fruit-producing plants do produce flowers, after all.

Once everything’s planted, you have to take care of them, nurture them by making sure they’re sufficiently watered, and ensuring that there are enough nutrients in the soil for them. Sometimes, depending on what you’ve planted and where you live, you may have to even build a little enclosure to make sure that they don’t get nommed by some hungry animal, like a bunny or a deer.

Soon, your little (or big, who’s to say) will start to grow. You’ll see little green sprouts pushing their way up through the soil, and honestly, I can say from experience that this is actually really exciting. I know that those of you who haven’t plated gardens before might not believe me, but try it. I promise, it’s great. It’s something you’ve planted and taken care of, and now it’s growing! It’s your own little miracle!

And another great thing about gardens, is that they can be as big or as tiny as you’d like, depending on how much space you have, of course. What I mean it, even if you’ve only got an apartment or a small flat, like I do, you can still plant things! All you need is a pot and little bit of sunlight! I’ve got herbs growing out on my porch in little clay pots, and they’re happy as clams out there! Doesn’t need to be big or extravagant, you just need to care for and appreciate the things you plant, and you’ll find gardening is a very rewarding use of time!